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All Queenians are encouraged to enrich their lives by becoming involved in some of the wide range of activities and interests outside their normal school curriculum. 

With the excellent facilities at school, the expertise and enthusiasm of the staff, and the ruggedly beautiful natural environment in the surrounding area, boys have every opportunity to experience an exciting variety of indoor, outdoor, creative, practical, service-oriented, mentally, spiritually and physically challenging pursuits, During their Grade 8 year, boys are introduced to the many different cultural groups and societies that are active at the school.

Besides providing opportunities for personal growth and enjoyment, school societies also offer excellent opportunities to make like-minded friends. Societies at Queen's come and go, arising from the needs and interest of teachers and boys. Society life is a vital part of life at Queen's, and every boy is encouraged to join at least one society. We believe that the societies cater for the cultural and social needs of our boys, and therefore place much emphasis on them. 

A top award that the school makes, the All-Rounders Award, is determined not only by scholastic and sporting achievements, but also by active society involvement and regular attendance.



Angling Club

Brass Band

Blood Peer Promoters

Chess Society


Debating Society


First Aid Society

Library Society
Marimba band
Photographic society
Queen’s Quote
Queen's Think Tank

Video by: Ncominkosi Mkandla (NY3 Media)

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