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Queen's College aims to provide a broad and balanced education, which prepares pupils to succeed academically and gives them the confidence and skills to meet the challenges and demands of modern society.

Within this framework, the academic programme is designed to foster individual academic growth, encourage every boy to work hard and consistently, and reach his full potential. We accomplish this by offering expert tuition in a relevant and diverse range of subjects that will open as many career doors as possible. We also encourage parental involvement in subject decisions and other developments in a pupil's life.  During the term, pupils are tested periodically through a programme of cycle tests. At the end of the second and fourth terms, a full-scale exam is written. Test and exam results are communicated to parents at the end of each term.


The College offers an exceptionally wide range of subjects catering for all the needs of all pupils and preparing them for tertiary education in any field. While the educational programme is consistent with the broad system laid down in the National Curriculum, our well-qualified and motivated staff strive to enrich studies by relating them to real-life social, ethical, environmental and economic issues.

Teachers also bring lessons alive by making extensive use of modern information and communication technology and arranging stimulating educational excursions and field trips beyond the physical confines of the school.

GET Phase
(Grade 8 - 9)

FET Phase
(Grade 10 - 12)

English (Home Language)
Afrikaans / isiXhosa (First Additional Language)
Life Orientation
Creative Arts
Economic & Management Sciences
Natural Sciences
Social Sciences


CEnglish (Home Language)
Afrikaans / isiXhosa (First Additional Language)
Mathematics / Mathematical Literacy
Life Orientation

Agricultural Sciences
Business Studies
Computer Applications Technology
Engineering Graphics and Design
Information Technology
Life Sciences
Physical Sciences
Visual Arts

Further Studies Mathematics



Video by: Ncominkosi Mkandla (NY3 Media)

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