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Queen's College is situated at the foot of the picturesque Stormberg Mountains in the pleasant Eastern Cape town of Komani, formerly known as Queenstown. Established in 1858, it is the oldest school on the Border - a region famous for its fine schools. Close to its excellent "family" schools, Queen's College Boys' Primary, Queenstown Girls' High and Balmoral Girls' Primary, Queen's College offers boys a unique and once in a lifetime opportunity to realise their full potential in a healthy, caring environment in which educational excellence, tradition, loyalty, pride, leadership development, and the highest standards of discipline are emphasized. The overall educational development of the Queenian is achieved within a milieu of progressive thinking that ensures that the College moves with the times and makes the most of technological advances.


Queen's College - the name elicits an almost mystical reverence from generations of past students - perhaps to the bewilderment of those who cannot relate to the experience of having been a 'Queenian'.


Esse Quam Videri - our school motto highlights the cornerstone value of integrity that is tested daily in our safe environment. Integrity is critical to authentic adulthood and is a key character trait for life. Queen's College equips our young men to take the road less travelled; the difficult, yet spiritually rewarding path of integrity.

At Queen’s College we believe that a healthy, active lifestyle promotes a healthy, active mind. This is why we encourage our learners to play at least one summer and one winter sport. For a Public boys’ school, we boast amongst the most comprehensive sporting facilities in the country. We have nine rugby fields, four cricket fields, three hockey fields and a state of the art, floodlit AstroTurf for hockey.


One can only marvel at the immense influence of music and song in human society. If you spend a few days at Queen’s College, you will soon experience the mesmerizing effect of amagwijo. Igwijo is a unique form of musical expression devoid of instrumental accompaniment and rich in emotion. The singing of igwijo is deeply embedded in Xhosa culture and tradition. These melodic chants, sung in unison, are unmistakable and have become an important element of student culture at Queen's College. The unbridled singing of amagwijo at sport fixtures and various school events, bears testament to an inclusive school environment that celebrates South Africa’s diverse cultures.


Queen’s College - a movement that stirs the soul.

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