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  • Charwin Knoetze

Physical Education and Conditioning Programme

As parents, I am sure you would agree that after nearly 5 months of being in lockdown and stuck at home, it is time to get the boys active again. The school’s goal is first to get the boys active again and to get their physical fitness levels up. An outdoor physical education program at the Recreation Grounds, which includes a standard conditioning plan for all the boys will be in place.

Planned afternoon sessions will commence at 14:30 each day (Monday to Friday) from Monday 24 August 2020 until we reach Level 1 lockdown. Once that level is reached, we are hoping to have a more structured sport program in place to cater for the individual sporting codes.

Please note that these sessions are not compulsory for the boys, but it would be great to have a good turnout. These sessions are scheduled for the days on which your son is at school.

As per the Covid-19 requirements, all measures will be in place to cater for your son’s safety and well-being. A face mask must be worn at all times. Social distancing and sanitization of any items used will be in place and strict control exercised.

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