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  • Charwin Knoetze

From the Headmaster

The arrival of Covid-19 has placed the world as we know it in a state of uncertainty. The potential impact of the virus is significant. Under the current circumstances, I encourage the whole Queen’s College community to take the situation very seriously. Please heed the following very important directives from our country’s health services.

1. Wash hands with soap and water regularly;

2. Clean and disinfect school/home/work surfaces regularly;

3. Cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing;

4. Promote social distancing (not shaking hands, hugging, sharing utensils etc) without stigmatising learners or employees;

5. Stay home when sick.

The contact details for the Department of Education’s Information Centre is and the toll free number is 087 1311 455 (please note that this number is different to the number on my newsletter in the report envelopes – we received notification this morning from the Department of Education regarding the error). It is of critical importance that all information regarding incidents of the virus are communicated to the information centre, as it will enable the Department of Education to identify hot-spots, affected areas, and to make an informed decision on the re-opening of schools.

The Department has also asked that our Grade 8 – 12 learners should have their textbooks at home with them; that they should read 30 to 50 pages a day and write 200 to 250 words per day. The Department also advises that it has a large number of assessment tasks, past exam papers and learning material available on its website (

In Mr Ramaphosa’s address to the nation on Sunday night, he stated that schools will only reopen on 14 April for the start of the second term. He promised that the June holidays will only be two weeks and the September break will be shortened. Therefore, no academic time will be lost.

Plans are in place to proceed with distance learning, should President Ramaphosa announce that schools will not open on 14 April as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. All staff and boys have been trained to use Google Classroom and to set up WhatsApp groups for the relevant classes by their subject teachers.

Boys that do not have connectivity will be helped by coming to school to collect a hard copy of the work that he needs to do while not being able to come to school, bearing in mind this is only applicable if school does not open on 14 April. Please note that D6 is the platform of communication with parents.

This is a time for all of us to look out for the good health of our loved ones and the wider community. We will do very well to act as if we are contaminated by the virus. It will motivate us to be very cautious and act responsibly. Please see a poem by Kitty O’Meara I found to be lovely in these uncertain times:

And the people stayed home. And read books,

and listened, and rested, and exercised, and

made art, and played games, and learned new

ways of being, and were still. And listened

more deeply. Some meditated, some prayed, some

danced. Some met their shadows. And the people

began to think differently.

And the people healed. And in the absence of

people living in ignorant, dangerous, mindless,

and heartless ways, the earth began to heal.

And when the danger passed, and the people

joined together again, they grieved their

losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new

images, and created new ways to live and heal

the earth fully, as they have been healed.

Unfortunately, a member of our administrative staff confessed guilt to mismanagement of school funds. The staff member offered her resignation immediately, which the school accepted. In consultation between the School’s management, the School Governing Body and our Attorney, the guilty staff member signed an Admission of Guilt Agreement, which contains strict measures of paying back the monies owed to the school over a short period of time. We are happy to state that all conditions of the Admission of Guilt Agreement have been adhered to so far.

On a much more positive note, our staff, boys and the Governing Body have had a very good and busy term.

Academics: Although our academic program was disrupted by the full programme of events of our school (sports tours and midweek fixtures etc.), the vast majority of our boys delivered good results. This is the core business of our school and should always be respected as such. Our staff is committed to making sure that each boy’s academic potential is developed to the full.

Extra-Curricular Program: I am very happy to state that the participation of our boys has increased dramatically over the last 18 months. The majority of our boys are significantly involved in the different sports and cultural activities. This is one of the yard sticks by which the health of a school is measured. Our newly founded Basketball club and the resurrected Waterpolo club have attributed largely to the heightened participation numbers. Our athletes and cricketers have performed excellently. Eight of our athletes have been selected for the Eastern Cape Junior Athletics team to take part in the 2020 SA Junior Athletics Championships. Our first cricket team performed very well with good results against Selborne, Hudson Park, St Andrew’s College and all the other Border region opposition. Our team narrowly lost to Grey High School in the National CSA T20, Eastern Cape provincial finals. It is important to note that the resurrection of our cricket club started with excellent performances by our Second XI. This reality shows that we do not look after only our top cricketers. Another indication of a healthy school.

Our rugby and hockey teams have performed very well at the different early season sports festivals. We look forward to supporting our teams when the season resumes after the holidays.

Queen’s College Gymnasium: One of the very positive additions to our school is the gymnasium. Our boys warmed up to the facility and the atmosphere, expertise and professionalism that Mr Miguel Caldeira, our Strength and Conditioning coach established. Again, it makes me happy to see that a large number of boys, from the whole spectrum of sports that Queen’s offers, are making use of the facility. The positive effect of our boys’ hard work under the leadership of Mr Caldeira is there for all to see. Many athletes have delivered personal best performances. The improvement of the conditioning of our rugby, cricket and hockey teams is remarkable. Our teams play with belief and confidence.

Reunion 2020: Our much anticipated Reunion, scheduled for 16-19 April, is postponed as a result of the uncertainty Covid-19 has caused. We are planning to celebrate Reunion at a later stage. The date will be communicated to you once it is finalized.

Mentorship: We started a mentorship program where we organized our boys in groups of 15 with a mentorship teacher looking after each group. The group is made up of 3 Grade 12, 11, 10, 9 and 8 learners respectively. We aim to create an atmosphere of real care and support in these groups.

Vision 175 & Beyond: An important part of our vision is to grow our school to 650 boys of which we would like our boarding community to extend to 250 boarders. Currently, we have 140 boarders. Queen’s College’s boarding facilities are of the best in the world. Our boarding community staff has created a safe, homely and disciplined environment where boys can thrive and be happy. You, our parents and our boys, are best positioned to promote our school to your friends and wider community. We encourage you to help us by inviting good people to become part of the Queen’s College family.

I extend a word of sincere thanks for the constant support and guidance our Governing Body gives us. These parents’ commitment to assure professionalism and adapting to the ever changing demands of modern education in terms of infrastructure and systems, is a shining light in the culture of our Great School. Ladies and Gentlemen, our school salutes and thanks you.


Congratulations to Allen Koshy and Joseph Kankam from the Class of 2019, who were the Top 2 Matriculants in the Chris Hani West district. These young men were rewarded for their efforts with trophies and prizes by the Department of Education at a special awards ceremony held at the beginning of January.

The Academic awards for the end of 2019 were announced at an Assembly at the beginning of the year. These awards are based on performance in the mid-year and final examinations in Grades 8-11.

Academic Honours was bestowed on Siyambonga Cengimbo, Colby Green and Logan Hartley, who achieved the relevant criteria at the end of their Grade 11 year.

64 Queenians obtained Academic Merit and 34 obtained the Cum Laude standard.

In addition, the following boys received All Rounder awards for 2019.

Grade 8 Mutumbo Kabau, Axola Khatshwa

Grade 9 Joel Manoj

Grade 10 Desmond Ayeh, Emmanuel Fako, Kamvelihle Mangqangwana, Lunathi Ntaba, Eli van Schoor

Grade 11 Justin Campher, Junior Damane, Taine Duncan, Logan Hartley, Jade Julies, Dillon Oelofse




All students are encouraged to take this long holiday as an opportunity to catch up on all areas that they did not perform well in.

The Parent/Teacher academic feedback meeting and interviews is scheduled for Tuesday 14 April 2020 from 18:00 – 19:30 in the Memorial Hall. This is an ideal opportunity for you to discuss your son’s Term 1 academic progress with his subject teachers.

HOWEVER – this may not take place on 14 April if the opening of school is moved once more.


Grade 8 orientation camp:

The Grade 8 class of 2020, accompanied by numerous staff and prefects went on an exciting camp to Lekkeroord campsite near Igoda mouth over the weekend of 10 - 12 January. The camp was a great way for the new learners of Queen’s College to get to know one another, the staff and prefects as well as learn what Queen’s College is all about and how Queenians conduct themselves.

The 140 strong group left Queenstown at 09:00 on the Friday and arrived at the campsite to very wet and muddy conditions. The busses were unpacked and everyone was welcomed by very friendly and professional instructors who quickly set the ground rules of the camp, split the boys into doors and groups and got started with various team building games and exercises. The games and exercises included boys learning how to work together to solve problems such as carrying a cup of water using only string to balance the cup, climbing through a ‘spider web’ type obstacle course where you needed to avoid touching the ground, as well as bumping into someone from the other side and balancing a set of nails on top of each other (which seemed impossible at times, but in the end taught boys the value of how everyone, no matter how big or small, plays a role in the success of our school) which really tested the boys’ critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and the boys had a full day of activities to look forward to. The boys started the morning with a hike to Igoda beach, which is a good 3km hike downhill and they had to carry a very big piece of rope. This was done to teach them about helping each other and sticking together. Once at the beach, the various groups took part in numerous activities such as sand castle building, river rafting, water fill the bucket races (with a holey bucket), hand soccer and a very interesting game where they had to get a ball in a hoop with their hands behind their backs. This morning was full of fun, laughter and great spirit and the activities were things that many of these boys would never have done before, which is what made it so special. After the fun the boys made the walk back uphill to the camp site still holding their rope. This tested them, both physically and mentally, but they took to this task with ease, getting back up the hill quicker than it took them to descend it. The last activity of the camp was ‘capture the lantern’, which tested all the boys had learnt on the camp and was a very fun way to wrap up a very busy two days.

Grade 8 induction ceremony:

Our second Grade 8 induction ceremony took place on the evening of Friday 24 January. At this ceremony, our Grade 8s received their Queen’s College blazer and tie. The evening was very special for our Grade 8 parents and their children and could be a highlight of these boys’ school careers. Our matric class of 2020 was simply superb and their presence and participation at the event added to its uniqueness.

Grade 8 Head, Mr Tyrone Rankin, welcomed everyone and gave a run-down of the order of events. The Headmaster addressed the boys on what it means to be a Queenian. He referenced many Old Boys, parents and staff and used their words to get his message across. His speech set the tone for the night and helped our new boys realise the importance of wearing their blazer and tie and being a part of the family.

With our Grade 8 boys all now wearing their school colours our Head Prefect, Lwazi Sogiba, delivered a very strong and meaningful message to our boys.

The Grade 8s were led from the school to the front of the old school gate where they would enter for the first time and ring the bell which would signify the start of their journey at Queen’s College, leaving again over the bridge and out the very same gate they entered through in January, upon completing matric in 2024. This is a very symbolic and special moment for our boys after a 5-year journey at Queen’s.

Please note the following:

Ø No boys are allowed to wear tracksuit tops in place of blazers to school, and no boys are allowed to wear tracksuit tops underneath blazers at all.

Ø Kindly ensure that your son has a name badge on his blazer at all times. If your son does not have a name badge, kindly provide him with R30,00 so that he may order one from the Bursar’s office.

Ø Despite my advices to all parents in previous newsletters, I have noticed that many boys are still using incorrect school bags. NO name branded (Adidas, Nike, Puma etc) bags are allowed, even if they are black. All boys are supposed to use the official Queen’s College school bag and sports bag. Incorrect bags will be confiscated and only returned once the boys are able to show me that they are in possession of the correct bag/s.


Mr Gilbert van Zyl, our Catering Manager, who has been the incumbent at Bisset Hall since 2007, leaves us at the end of this term, to pursue a career in Somerset East. Mrs Veronica Barraud, who was previously at Queen’s Junior, takes up the reins at Bisset from the beginning of Term 2.

Mrs Michelle Henson, is relocating to the Western Cape with her family at the end of this term. Thousands of boys have passed through Mrs Henson’s 11 year tenure at our hostels, both at Whitson and at Connaught. We wish you and your family all of the very best in the fairest Cape.

We also bade farewell to Mr Simtembile Mgidi on 13 February 2020, when he relocated to Port Elizabeth to take up a position with a local newspaper.

Mrs Sharon Kriedemann has taken up the reins as Senior Bursar; and will no longer be the school fee Bursar. Interviews for the school fee Bursar have been held, and it is hoped that the successful candidate will commence duties before 1 May 2020.

Long Service awards were made on 18 March to:

10 years

Mrs Michelle Henson 1 January 2010 – 31 December 2019

Mrs Margaret Myburgh 1 January 2010 – 31 December 2019

Mrs Lesley Vincent 1 January 2010 – 31 December 2019

30 years

Mr Wayne Gilfillan 1 January 1990 – 31 December 2019


Blood Peer Promoters:

At our first blood drive for the year, on 29 January, we bled 62 units, which is a brilliant achievement.


On 6 March our Choir was invited to perform at the 10th Opening Ceremony of the Eastern Cape House of Traditional Leaders in Bhisho. This was wonderful exposure and we hope you saw the Choir on the SABC news that evening. This event was also very educational as the Premier, Mr Oscar Mabuyane and other traditional leaders were talking about finding solutions to the serious problems like Gender Based Violence, the death of young men in our societies during initiation season, etc.

DIY Club:

This club has learned about tools and visited WG Mica where the members were taught how to use a glue gun and how to choose the correct saw for the task. The boys also painted storage boxes for their projects and made desk organisers.


This year the members painted T-shirts to wear at the Fun Run with the theme “Heal the World”. The Ecowatchers also visited the waterfall at Glen Gray and the members made succulent gardens to enter at the Tarkastad Agricultural Show, winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes! Ms Zipho Rapiya from Beautiful Enlightenment gave a talk on sustainable fashion and showed the Ecowatchers how to upcycle materials. Together with Mrs Christa Watt¸ the boys went for a hike in the Kholorha forest and did some fishing at Thomas River.

A reminder to everyone that it is Earth Hour on 28 March from 20:30 – 21:30. Remember to save electricity and switch off your lights during this time!

Student Christian Organisation:

On 6 March, approximately 70 students from different schools met at the Memorial Hall for the official launch of our Student Christian Organization. Thanks to Yamkela Poni and his team for organizing this wonderful event.

Mentorship Programme:

The Mentorship program is underway. Each staff member has a group of approximately 15 learners in total consisting of learners from each Grade. The first session was an introduction session, the second session was a discussion and worksheet on individual goal setting and the third session was about the learners’ emotional tank. The reports from both staff and learners have been very positive in this regard.

Why Mentorship?

v To supplement parental support.

v To guide, affirm and support.

v Societal and socio-economic issues can be addressed and corrected if possible.

v Way to make a lasting impact on young lives beyond the classroom/sports fields etc.

v Use positive affirmation to motivate and inspire.

v To meet a need and create an opportunity to build into the learners lives.

v Break down barriers between staff and boys without losing the professional position.

v Offer a form of accountability within the group (academics, sport, culture, behaviour, manners, respect).

v Opportunity to teach resilience.

v Staff to show humility and serve them in some way

v Sense of belonging is vital and we need to create that within these groups.

v Interact on a different level.

v Invest, interact, care, guide and discipline when necessary.

2020 Homework Diary:

Your son received a comprehensive 2020 Homework Diary from the school. This diary also contains important information, including the Code of Conduct, dress regulations as well as Cultural and Sporting criteria. Kindly ensure that your son familiarizes himself with this information if he has not already done so. Please also ensure that he completes the CONTACT DETAILS section on the front page, if he hasn’t already done so.

Identity Documents:

All pupils who are 16 years and older, and who are not in possession of their RSA Identity card, MUST apply for it as soon as possible. The Department of Education stipulates that no matriculant may write his Trial examinations (which commence in August) without a valid Identity Book / Card. The first application is free of charge at your local Home Affairs office.


THE ANNUAL MAXIMUM CLAIM IS LIMITED TO R 22 000,00 per learner for injuries relating to school activities only – not for travelling to and from school and from home.

A R500,00 excess per claim must first be paid by the learner’s parents to the school before the school will pay any claims that are submitted. Outstanding accounts remain the responsibility of the parent until the excess amount, as aforementioned, is paid.

Incidents are to be reported to Mrs Kriedemann and the coach within 48 hours of occurring and accounts must be submitted to the school within 60 days of the incident occurring.

If an injury exceeds R 22 000,00, the leaner will be stabilized and transferred to a State hospital.

Should you require your son to remain in a Private Hospital, the Parent/Guardian will be personally liable for the Private Hospital’s account. Parents are urged to use their Medical Aids as an authorization number cannot be obtained after surgery etc has been carried out.



The 2020 athletics season has really taken off well this year, with a positive vibe and an excellent work ethic among the boys and the result of the hard work is paying off as the season progresses.

The Interhouse meeting was held on Wednesday 22 January. Beswick (Boarders) House won the competition, second was Russell House and Mallett House third.

On the day, 5 meeting records were broken:

Age Event Previous record New Record

U14 Javelin 38,02m Shaun Scharneck (2019) 40.50m (Jed Stone)

U15 Pole Vault 3.04m (Mervyn Goldschmidt) (1961) 3.15m (Tyler Manthe)

U16 200m 11.4s (Leon Makiwane) (2007) 11.3s (Liyabona Maplanga)

U17 Pole Vault 3.40m (Roy Langhein) (2007) 3.80m (Tristan Manthe)

U19 Long Jump 6.41m (Bongo Mankayi) (2014) 6.53m (Buhle Kahla)

Then our athletes competed at the Lukhanji Circuit meeting on Saturday 1st February and secured the following Top 3 positions:

16 3rd places

29 2nd places

39 1st places

Those athletes then qualified to compete in the Queenstown District Meeting on Wednesday 12 February. The boys achieved the following Top 3 positions:

12 3rd places

15 2nd places

25 1st places

Sentraal Top 10:

The Sentraal Top 10 athletics meeting took place on Friday 14 February in Bloemfontein and the Queenians did very well to secure the following medals – 7 x Bronze; 3 x Silver and 4 x Gold. The medal winners were as follows:

Mutombo Kabau 3rd u15 400m 54.22s (PB)

Mbasa Daweti 3rd u15 Long Jump 5.86m

Tyler Manthe 2nd u15 Pole Vault 3.40m (PB)

Siya Konki 3rd u17 Long Jump 5.95m

Lehlo Thobothobo 3rd u19 Long Jump 6.33m (PB)

Chumani Ndzane 3rd u19 Discus 39.50m

3rd u19 Shot Put 12.50m

Terance Heidtmann 2nd u19 Pole Vault

2nd u19 Javelin 51.05m (PB)

Emihle Mketo 3rd u19 800m 1.57.0s

1st u19 400m 48.58s (PB)

Buhle Kahla 1st u19 Triple Jump 13.07m (PB)

1st u19 Long Jump 6.70m

The highlight of the day from Queen’s was Tristan Manthe in the u17 Pole Vault who cleared a new school record height (best height ever recorded by a Queenian) of 4.10m.

Chris Hani Mega District:

The Queenian athletes gave an excellent account of themselves at the Chris Hani Mega District Meeting on Saturday 22 February by securing an impressive 40 medals. The breakdown of medals were as follows:

11 x Bronze medals

9 x Silver medals

20 x Gold medals

The Gold medal winners were as follows:


Siyolise Ralane 200m

Ayathanda Mthyando High Jump

Jed Stone Javelin and 100m Hurdles


Uyanda Mlungwana 300m Hurdles

Mbasa Daweti Long Jump (5.96m PB)

Axola Khatshawa Triple Jump (12.24m PB)

Shaun Scharneck Javelin & Shot Put


Emmanuel Fako Discus

Liyabona Maplanga 100m (10.92s PB) & 200m (22.73s PB)


Mthokozisi Magaga 5000m (17.15.70 PB)

Terance Heidtmann Javelin

Chumani Ndzane Discus & Shot Put

Emihle Mketo 800m & 400m (48.25s PB)

Buhle Kahla Triple Jump & Long Jump (7.11m PB)

Eastern Cape Athletics Championships:

The Eastern Cape Athletics Championships were held in Cradock on Thursday 5 to Saturday 7 March in Cradock. The competition was very tough as our boys competed against the best athletes throughout the Eastern Cape. The results were as follows:


Malcolm Fridberg 2nd Pole Vault (2.00m)

Brett Hoffmann 1st Pole Vault (2.00m)

Jed Stone 1st Javelin (41.25m - PB)


Mbasa Daweti 3rd Long Jump (5.88m)

Connor Oelofse 3rd Pole Vault (2.60m PB)

Tyler Manthe 1st Pole Vault (3.30m)

Axola Khatshawa 1st Triple Jump (12.25m PB)

Mutombo Kabau tied 2nd 400m final (52.02s PB)

Shaun Scharneck 3rd Shot Put (13.21m PB)

1st Javelin (49.37m PB) New E.C Record


Liyabona Maplanga 3rd 100m final (10.81s PB)

Emmanuel Fako 2nd Discus (40.35m)

Tristan Manthe 1st Pole Vault (3.80m)


Terance Heidtmann 2nd Javelin (47.35m)

1st Pole Vault (3.00m)

Chumani Ndzane 1st Discus (38.53m)

1st Shot Put (13.30m PB)

Emihle Mketo 2nd 400m final (48.25s)

2nd 800m final (1.53.90s PB)

Buhle Kahla 3rd Long Jump (6.90m)

2nd Triple Jump (13.66m PB)

Summary of results: 5 x 3rd

7 x 2nd

9 x 1st

The following athletes have been selected to represent the Eastern Cape Province at the South African National Schools’ Meeting to be held in Gauteng (venue to be confirmed) from 19 – 21 March (postponed or cancelled – awaiting confirmation).

U15: Tyler Manthe; Axola Khatshwa; Mutombo Kabau; Shaun Scharneck

U17: Tristan Manthe; Liyabona Maplanga

U19: Buhle Kahla; Emihle Mketo

Very well done to Liyabona Maplanga in Grade 10. It was announced earlier this week that he has met the criteria for a Colours blazer in Athletics.


The first term has been a busy one for Basketball with 11 teams actively taking part in various fixtures within the province and in national tournaments.

We played our traditional fixtures vs Grey High School (PE), St Andrew’s College (Grahamstown) and Kingswood. We welcomed “new kids on the block” Dale College to the basketball fold.

Our boys’ performance has improved tremendously with the teams across the age-groups managing to walk away with wins in some of the games. Our boys have also been exposed to some of the bigger basketball stages in the country like the U14 Jeppe Basketball Festival, the U15 St John’s Tournament (both in Johannesburg); as well as the U18 Eastern Cape Basketball Championships and the U16 St Stithians Tournament.

We are extremely proud of Azasakhe Mdingi in Grade 8, who was selected to the U14 Dream team at the Jeppe Basketball Tournament.

Thanks to coaches Mr Wilbert Gumunyu, Mr Lamla Maneli, Mr Nkuli Gamede, Mr Lukhanyo Luzipho, Mrs Chuma Mahlombe and Ms Imogen Nguna for all their hard work in guiding our boys to greater heights.


Our Cricketers are performing well and our senior teams have had a busy schedule. Mr Ralph Cullinan and Mr Rowan Richards are working hard to ensure that all cricket coaches are on par and engaging with our boys. Thanks must also go to Mr Andrew Alt for setting up Cricket HQ for all teams.

The 1st team has played 8 games and has won 7, only losing to St Andrew’s School in Bloemfontein.

2nd team played 5 games won 4.

3rd team played - 2 games won 2.

15A played 3 won 2

14A played 4 won 4

14B played 2 lost 2

Thanks must go to Mr Riekie Lessing, Mrs Christina Caldeira and other members of the sport and cricket departments who worked so tirelessly in ensuring that the inaugural Queen’s College T10 Blast (similar to the T20 IPL) held at the Parry on 1 March, was the success that it was. A HUGE big thank you to the sponsors of all 6 teams – without you, there would have been no T10 Blast!

Congratulations too, to Bryan Muir in Grade 11 who received the Player of the Tournament trophy; as well as to Mbasa Thomas in Grade 8 who received the Bowler of the Tournament trophy (incidentally, Mbasa was the only player who bowled a Maiden over).

At the Border Schools Coca-Cola T20 final, Queen’s beat Selborne by 7 wickets. Unfortunately, we went down to Grey High for the Warriors EP final of T20, but we did give Grey High a run for their money!

Cross Country:

Mr Richard de Kramer accompanied 6 of our boys to the Rhebokfontein Trail Run on Sunday 8 March. Mr de Kramer ran the 5km, with all 6 runners completing the 10km run.

On 15 February, 10 of our runners travelled to East London. In extreme heat, the 10km Discovery Surfers Challenge took place from the Gonubie Hotel to Nahoon (5km on road, 5km on beach). We are extremely proud to announce that Mthokozisi Magaga (Grade 12) finished 4th overall (out of a field of 1311 participants in the 10km category) with a time of 44:34. Kamva-lam Ntloko (Grade 11) finished 6th overall in a time of 46:02. Emihle Tshiwula (Grade 10) was the 10th male to complete the race (13th overall) with a time of 51:29 and Robijn van der Westhuyzen (Grade 12) was the 11th male to finish (14th overall). Dean Moss did the 5km Surfers Challenge (run solely on the beach) and finished 5th in a time of 22:12.

This past weekend, 11 runners travelled with Mr Geneva Ndlovu to East London to participate in the Ronnies 10 Ocean race. Our boys acquitted themselves very well. A huge round of applause to Mr Cameron Davidson from SA Home Loans, who sponsored the fee for the temporary running licences, which enabled all of our boys to run the 10km race.

Many of our Cross Country members have also kept their fitness levels up by participating in the Komani Parkrun on Saturday mornings. Unfortunately, Parkruns have been cancelled in South Africa until further notice.


The BMSC Karting regional round 1 and club championship round 2 was held at the East London Grand Prix circuit on 7 March. It was a regional race, which had 65 competitors in the various classes. Grade 8 Queenian, Ryan Gudmanz, had an epic day of rugby and racing, where he played U14A rugby in the morning, with his team beating Grens 53-3, then dashing off to the racetrack to race in several races. Ryan was rewarded for his efforts with the trophy for Driver of the Day out of the 65 karters. Well done Ryan!


Gabriel de Jongh (Grade 11) took part in the SA u19 ITP during the December holiday at Oubaai in George. Gabriel won three of his 5 matches (match play) and helped Border to a Second place finish.

Gabriel will be representing Border at the SA U19 tournament to be played at Modderfontein in Gauteng during the March holiday (if it is not postponed or cancelled).

Gabriel has played in multiple Border Junior events this year. At East London he shot 71, 1 under par and was placed 1st. At Katberg he shot 71, 1 under par and was placed 2nd, to mention a few. He is currently ranked 2nd as a junior and 4th in the men’s team.


Unfortunately, all our forthcoming tournaments and festivals have been cancelled due to the Corona virus. However, we can advise that the results from the Tony Godding 1st XI Festival in East London last weekend are:

beat Woodridge 4 – 3

beat Hoërskool Eldoraigne 2 – 1

beat Pearson High School 3 – 0

beat Alexander Road High 1 – 0


Winter season officially commenced for our school on Monday, 2 March. Our upcoming tours have all been cancelled, but we did get our Winter season off to a pretty good start:

Border Schools’ Rugby Day in East London on 7 March 2020 the 1st XV beat Stirling High 33 – 0.

At the Grens Rugby Day, also on 7 March our teams’ results were as follows:

16A beat Stirling 14 – 0

15A beat Stirling 41 – 0

14A beat Grens 53 – 3

Graeme College Rugby Day on 14 March 2020

1st XV beat Pearson 45 – 7

16A lost to Pearson 8 – 13

14A beat Pearson 55 – 12

At Kingswood, our 16A team beat Hudson Park 8 – 5.


The first team squash players travelled to St Andrew’s School in Bloemfontein on 7 February 2020 for the annual FNB Squash festival. Our top six boys attended: Stephen Aylesbury, Justin Campher, Luke du Preez, Mihlali Matoti, Olwethu Rataza and Jed Stone. Queen’s recorded the following results:

St Andrew’s Invitation: 1-5

Parktown Boys’ High: 5-1

Free State Invitation: 5-1

St Alban’s College: 4-2

Grey College: 0-6

On 14 February 2020 the first team travelled to Grahamstown for the Dave Hodgson Squash festival. The following boys represented the school: Justin Campher, Luke du Preez, Mihlali Matoti, Olwethu Rataza, Jason Russell and Luthando Yase. Queen’s recorded the following results:

Graeme College: 4-2

Selborne College: 0-6

Grey Invitation team: 1-5

Grey High: 0-6

The Queen’s College Squash team has also entered a team in the Queenstown Squash league.They have played 5 games and won 5 thus far and are currently ranked number one in the league. The league squad consists of the following boys: Stephen Aylesbury, Justin Campher, Luke du Preez, Jade Julies, Mihlali Matoti, Bryan Muir, Olwethu Rataza and Jed Stone.

We have a mainly young and inexperienced side, who had obligations to other Summer sporting codes as well; and are very proud of the effort and hard work they have put into Squash this term.


The Interhouse Gala was held at the GHS pool on 26 February. It was won by Mallett House, followed by Beswick (Boarders) and Russell House finished in third place. Taine Duncan in Grade 12 received the trophy for the best Open swimmer; Dean Moss was the best U16 swimmer; and Brett Hoffmann was awarded the trophy for the best U14 swimmer. Mr Cameron Drake received the trophy from the Headmaster for the Staff vs Boys race, where the staff trumped the boys!

At the beginning of the term, Kyle Hoffmann in Grade 9 travelled to Cape Town to represent the Border/Buffalo City Aquatic Regional team in the U14 age group. Kyle came home with 2 bronze medals, and we are super proud of him.


Tennis has had many fixtures this term. The results are as follows

vs Burgersdorp High School won 18-0

vs Graeme College lost 8-10

vs Hangklip High School won 10-0

vs St Andrew’s College lost 7-8

We also attended the Tennis South Africa Tjaart Vorster Festival where we played against Cradock High School, Pearson High School, Marlow Agricultural High School, Sentraal Hoërskool and Gill College. These were very difficult matches and we managed to finish 9th overall.

The weekend of 28 and 29 of February, we played our second Tennis South Africa Tournament in East London. The Selborne/Clarendon Mixed doubles tournament was played with GHS. We played Selborne/Clarendon A, Selborne/Clarendon B, Grey/Collegiate, Pearson and Merrifield. We lost 4 games and won 1 however, we did walk away with the ‘Peters Team Spirit Award’ for team attitude, support and tennis etiquette.


The Waterpolo team started off really strongly with us entering the 1st team knock out tournament held at Merrifield High school in East London. The highlight of our games was against Hudson Park’s 1st VII. The boys played incredibly well and we went down 5 goals to 1. We have had several games since then, but the two games that stick out has to be our win over Cambridge High’s 1st VII. We beat Cambridge 3 goals to 0. Most recently we went up against a really strong Port Rex first team. We ended up losing 18 goals to 9, but this was by far, one of the best performances this season.

We also participated in the Merrifield 2nd Annual Friendship Cup. We played against Woodridge, York, and Merrifield 1st sides and unfortunately went down to all of them. Our final game of the tournament was against Graeme College 1s team. At full time, the score was 3-3. We then went on to a penalty shoot-out and Queen’s 1st team came out on top winning 6-5.

Our last fixture was against Selborne 3rds and 4ths, and unfortunately went down to both teams, 10-4 and 13-3.


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we had had to postpone our 2020 Reunion activities. Once we have an alternative date for later in the year, we will advise everyone.


As per the Memo sent home with your son earlier in the year and advertised on D6, an SGB By-Election was held on Friday 14 February 2020 in the Queen’s Hall. This was necessitated by the resignation of Mr Gerald de Jager (due to out of town work commitments) as well as Mr Clifton Keys (whose son matriculated in 2019). We only received two nominations for the vacancies, which were for Mr Patrick Casey and Mr Adadume Mqulo. As no further Nominations were received, no voting was required.

A Non-Educator By-Election was also held, with Mrs Sharon Kriedemann being the only nomination received.

Thank you to Mr de Jager and Mr Keys for their hard work on the SGB the last couple of years; and welcome to Mr Casey and Mr Mqulo all the very best for their tenure on our very hard-working SGB Committee.


A successful PTA Fun Run was held on 17 January. The numbers were down on last year’s run, but it was extremely hot, and many people opted to stay at home instead with a cool fan blowing on them!

The annual AGM was held on 30 January and the following parents were elected onto the PTA Executive for 2020:

Colleen Aylesbury, Karin Aylwin, Melanie Barber, Hazel de Jongh, Adele Dowling, Yamixy Fernandez, Leanne Gregoriou, Berenice Levack, Nomatamsanqa Daweti, Asanda Masola, Siya Mfeya, Carine Mushid, Shanaaz Ruiters, Daleen Scharneck, Sanelle Strydom, Jakobie van der Ryst, Natasha van der Westhuyzen, Andrea van Oosten, Lucinda van Schoor and Anje Vorster

Staff Reps Natalie Hardnick, Gift Mpofu

Thank you to all our parent members of the PTA who so willingly give of their time in the service of our school. Your contribution is highly valued.

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