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Covid-19 and Queen's College update 9

Dear Grade 12 Parents/Guardians

You are cordially invited to participate in a virtual meeting with me on Monday 25 May at 17:30, to discuss various aspects of schooling in this uncertain time of Covid-19.

The following people will be present to inform you of the school’s actions and to answer your questions, should there be any.

Mr Allister van Schoor: SGB Chairperson

Mr Ndumiso Mkandla: Deputy Headmaster, Academics

Mr Nkuli Gamede: Deputy Headmaster, Information Technology

Mrs Liesel Campher: Grade 12 Grade Head

Please download Google Meet before the meeting. This is the link below:

Here is a clip that explains how to use Google Meet.

Once you have downloaded Google Meet onto your phone or device, the link for you to follow for the meeting on Monday is:

You can click onto the link a couple of minutes before 17:30 and you will be able to join the online meeting.

We encourage you to participate in this meeting, which will be for the benefit of both parents and their sons.

Stay healthy and Stay safe.

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