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Covid-19 and Queen's College update 15

At the outset, I apologise for the late notification regarding the closure of schools.

The announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa that schools will close has necessitated us having to change our plans to bring Grade 8s and 9s back to school next week, as you were advised in the letter sent out yesterday.

My heart is sore for our Grade 8 and 9 boys who would have come back on Monday and Tuesday respectively. It would have been easier to soften the blow of the State President’s announcement regarding another school closure, if our younger grades could have been with us in person for a week or two.

The Queen’s College family is going to make the best of the situation in which all public schools find themselves. Fortunately, through hard and consistent work since March 2020, we are well positioned to participate in distance learning and our boys and staff will be able to slot back into online learning at any time. We see no reason as to why our Queenians’ academic progress should be compromised.

However, with the above being said, we do think that it is important for our school to take a TWO WEEK break from everything. Our staff and boys have worked tirelessly under abnormal circumstances since online teaching began in mid-April. The two week break will be the perfect medicine for all to embrace the new term with enthusiasm.

From 11 August 2020, our Grade 8 – 11 boys will continue with online learning; and all our Matrics will be at school.

Should we be made aware of any further developments, this will be communicated to you immediately.

I confirm that our academic staff will cover the complete syllabus for Grades 8 - 11 per subject; and not only the Covid19 induced trimmed syllabus, as prescribed by the Department of Education. We are doing this to ensure that your son is suitably prepared for the new academic year. Our staff members are also encouraged to provide enrichment activities per subject, as well as revising the covered work thoroughly.

Please stay healthy and safe.

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