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Connectivity and Education

AMENDED: Mobile data bundles for Queen’s College students:

Google Classroom and WhatsApp

We notice that many parents and boys are phoning, sending WhatsApp messages and advising that they need data. Please note that the Google Form Internet Connectivity Survey MUST BE COMPLETED and submitted in order for the school to do the necessary (as was the case in 2020).

Kindly do not phone the Grade Secretaries – we have highlighted here the section which needs to be completed namely:

Grade Secretaries

Grade 12 - Mrs Chellew -

Grade 11 - Mrs Miles -

Grade 10 - Mrs Miles -

Grade 9 - Ms Villas -

Grade 8 - Ms Villas -


The data bundles provided by the school are explicitly for our students who are in need to make productive progress on their studies, and they may not be used for any other purpose. Students who have used their data bundle inappropriately and run out of data will be treated in the same way as students during normal times who have not productively managed their time and who have not attended classes or met submission deadlines. Please use your data carefully and be aware that the funds are limited. All those who are in need of data will receive data once in the month of February on request by the parent.

Phase 1 will entail providing additional data as needed on 1st February 2021. Grade 9, 11 & 12 parents please notify your son's Grade secretary by 29 January 2021.

Phase 2 will entail providing additional data as needed on 3rd February 2021. Grade 8 & 10 parents please notify your son's Grade secretary before 1 February 2021. 2.

Student Connectivity Survey:

To enable us to formulate an effective distance learning programme can parents please complete the Google Form Internet Connectivity Survey.

CLICK HERE to complete and submit the survey ASAP.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM As of 8 June 2020, Queen’s College implemented a new teaching and learning action plan that entailed shifting our online teaching to Google Classroom, a program designed for schools and distance learning. Teachers may continue to use WhatsApp for discussions ONLY. Unlike WhatsApp, Google Classroom is designed as an educational platform that allows teachers to do more than simply send messages.

It enables them to:

1. Be more innovative with lessons, making them more interesting and engaging for learners

2. Allow for questions, answers, innovation, interaction and feedback between students and teachers

3. Have students interact with classmates and teachers as individuals or groups

4. Send pre-recorded lessons for learners to watch. Each subject teacher will send one per fortnight so that the data requirements are not too demanding.

5. Set quizzes and tests.

6. Verify the authenticity of work submitted.

7. Provide individual feedback on work.

8. Mark students’ work.

9. Send emails.

10.Post announcements to the class.

11.Send private comments.

12.Communicate with parents through individual emails or through classroom email summaries which include class announcements and due dates.

Parents will be able to view the work sent out to students about their respective subjects through the “Google Classroom for Guardians” channel. When a guardian/ parent accepts the invitation from the subject teacher they get regular emails about their student’s work and classes. These emails, known as guardian email summaries, include information about missing work, upcoming work, and class activity.

Parents please make sure that your son has the necessary compatible device to get onto Google Classroom. As a school, we have developed new capabilities and a world-class online learning platform to ensure we are prepared for these challenging times.

Student Resource Portal:

The student portal contains information relevant to all current Queen’s College students. It has teachers’ email addresses, Google Classroom codes for the respective subjects per grade, tutorials explaining how to use the different resources Google offers, amongst many other features.

Student Connectivity Survey:

To enable us to formulate an effective distance learning programme can parents please complete the Google Form Internet Connectivity Survey. Should you come across any challenges with the above, please contact Mr Stellenberg on

We hope you are as excited as we are to make use of this amazing learning tool to help our boys have a more positive and meaningful online learning experience. Please talk to your son and help him understand this shift and the reasons for it. Though it entails something new, we know students will appreciate the benefits after a few lessons. Queen’s College is committed to supporting the education of all of our students. We continue to adapt to the new circumstances and technology available. Through our e-learning program, we endeavour to deliver excellence and offer value for money.

Please stay safe and help us curb the spread of COVID-19 in our country

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