• Charwin Knoetze

The last Headmaster's Newsletter of 2020

Sincere condolences from Queen’s College to all who have lost family and loved ones during the year. The year was challenging for all, but so much more to those who have lost those who were closest to them. We pray for our Creator’s love, comfort and protection to be with you.

We are at the end of a most unique year that has asked different questions to all of us. It forced us to think and act in new ways. We learnt new skills, showed resilience and endurance by staying focused on our goals right until the end.

We also stayed true to our Vision to be an Internationally Recognized Academic Institution of Excellence. We have not relaxed our drive to develop our staff and boys at all. In a way, the pandemic has helped us to focus even more on our goals. The upgrades around our campus are there for all to see. The quality of these upgrades is of a world-class standard when it comes to education.

From the very start of lockdown, we made it clear that our school has two important goals that we would work hard to achieve.

1. To stay safe and healthy.

2. For all our boys to be academically successful.

I am very happy to report that a very small number of boys and staff were infected by the virus. We have not lost a single member of our staff and student body to the virus.

By now you would also know that your son has passed his grade. It gives me great happiness to advise that all our Grade 8 - 11 boys have achieved academic success by passing their grade this trying year. It is testament to the resilience and good work done by both our staff and boys, as well as the support of you, our parents and guardians. For these successes we are grateful. We also acknowledge the amazing work our SGB, staff and boys have done to build and keep a Covid-Free bubble and to achieve academic success.

All being well, the 2020 Grade 8 – 11 Prize Giving will take place at 18:00 on Thursday, 25 February 2020.

On one level, we have dropped the ball. Some of our boys’ general appearance was not as it is supposed to be. Our school asks of us to be neatly dressed and well-groomed. All of this is well documented in our school’s Code of Conduct. Please see what our Code of Conduct stipulates about our boys’ hair:

Hair should be neat, clean and should not attract attention by being either too long, too short, tinted or treated in any way. Hair should be off the collar, away from the ears and the fringe should not be unnessarily long. Side-burns should not be longer than halfway down the ear. Facial hair is to be regularly shaven. No beards / moustaches etc. Only a difference of one hair clipper number is allowed between top and sides.

We expect all our boys to abide by these stipulations. Let’s work together as parents/guardians, boys and staff to make sure our boys’ appearance is out of the top drawer from the start of 2021.

We expect our boys to use the official school bag to carry their books and the official sports bag for their sports gear. The bags are available from Louis’ Sports, our official stockist in Queenstown. Tel: 045-8397227.

NO name-branded school or sport bags are allowed at all (this includes sports bags which our boys receive at sport festivals, eg KES Festival – these bags may not be used at school.

The boys’ bags will be inspected at the start of the school year. Incorrect school and sport bags will be confiscated until such time as your son has the correct school and sport bag.

On Friday, 4 December we said goodbye to Mr Boy and other staff members who are going to leave us at the end of the academic year. For Mr Boy it was 39 glorious years of service to our Great School, of which 28 were as Deputy Headmaster. Please follow the link to read Mr Basset’s farewell message to Mr Boy

as well as Mr Boy’s address

to the school. These two documents are pictures of gratitude and happiness for a master that gave of his best to our Great School. Our boys were excellent in the way they wished Mr Boy farewell.

Follow link below:

From the bottom of all our hearts: Thank you Mr Boy.

Mrs Campher, Mrs Strydom and Mrs Caldeira are also leaving us at the end of the year. We thank them for their service towards our school and we wish them and their families well for the new chapters in their lives.

We are experiencing a new surge in positive tests of the Coronavirus in our community. I appeal to all of us to keep our guards up and to be responsible. Parents and guardians, please help us to promote responsible behavior from our young once and ourselves. Let’s do the little things correctly by:

  • Keeping the expected social distance from one another

  • Wearing a face mask correctly

  • Washing our hands regularly with soap

  • Keep rooms ventilated

  • Wipe door handles

I believe we can serve our community best by behaving responsibly and by spreading this message far and wide.

Please take the time to sit down with your son and view this video from myself regarding what is expected from our boys at the start of 2021:


Matric results are scheduled to be announced in the press on 23 February 2020. NB - Please check the press for any changes to the abovementioned date. Kindly keep an eye on the printed press and visual media with regard to the possibility of registering for your results via an SMS or email system.

Text Books:

A Book list in respect of your son’s Grade for 2021 is included in the envelope with this newsletter, and has already been uploaded onto D6. The prices reflected on the Book list are those of our official stationery stockist, Spectra Upfront (in Bushell Street, Queenstown).


The Book list includes both text books and stationery required per subject. We received a very pleasant surprise this past Friday, when stationery packs from the Department of Education were delivered to school. These packs will be handed out by the form teachers with reports tomorrow, 15 December 2020. Uncollected stationery packs in Grades 9 to 11 will be handed to your sons on the first day of term in 2021. New boys in Grades 8 – 11 will receive their stationery packs at the beginning of the term as well.

Below is a list of the stationery included in the packs from the Department of Education. Kindly check these books against our stationery list for each subject; as there may be subjects in which you would still have to purchase the relevant exercise book or stationery item.

GRADE 10, 11 and 12

1 x A4 exam pad

4 x A4 2 quire notebook (ruled feint & margin)

1 x A4 graph book (36 pages)

7 x A4 College exercise books (feint & margin)

1 x 50 page flip file

2 x HB pencils

2 x blue ballpoint pens

1 x metal sharpener (1 hole)

1 x plastic eraser

1 x 30cm ruler

GRADE 8 and 9

1 x A4 exercise book (72 page) & unruled

9 x A4 College exercise books (feint & margin)

1 x A4 Nature Study book (72 page) feint & margin

1 x A4 2 quire notebook (ruled feint & margin)

1 x A4 graph book (36 pages)

1 x A4 eight column Cash Journal (72 pages)

1 x A4 Double Ledger book (72 pages)

1 x 50 page flip file

2 x HB pencils

2 x blue ballpoint pens

1 x metal sharpener (1 hole)

1 x plastic eraser

1 x 30cm ruler


Although our 1st term Cycle Term Programme has been drafted and is ready to be published as per usual, we are not going to upload it onto D6 and our website until Term 1 next year. This is solely due to the fact that the Department of Education has issued certain academic directives, which may necessitate us having to change our Cycle Test



The Queen’s Scholar for 2020 was awarded to Siyambonga Cengimbo.


We are currently utilizing the D6 Application as our means of communication with parents, and it is a necessity that you download it from your PlayStore/AppStore. Kindly note, we will be moving to a new portal, EdAdmin during early part of 2021.

The link to follow to upload the D6 application is:


The Ed-admin Communicator is an application that runs on every parent’s cellphone. Information is automatically updated every time the school adds new content, even when the Communicator is not currently running.

The Ed-admin Communicator includes all the information parents need to know. News, calendar events, timetables, contact list & links to useful resources. There are also critical alerts for news that just can’t wait.

Download the Communicator now by downloading the cellphone application from your PlayStore/AppStore. The application will go live early next year. Communication will be sent accordingly in this regard.



  • We will continue with all 5 Grades attending school simultaneously.

  • The Grade Heads and form teachers will screen their Grades in as follows:

Grade 12 Old School Quad (entrance in Berry Street)

Grade 11 Memorial Hall

Grade 10 in the Quad next to the Computer Lab and the EGD classroom (enter via

Fletcher Street)

Grade 9 in the Quad between Rooms 19 and R21 (enter via Fletcher Street gate)

Grade 8 in the area next to the noticeboards closest to Room 22 (enter via Fletcher

Street gate)

  • Class will start promptly at 07:30 each day. Latecomers will be demerited.

  • There will be a 7 minute break between periods for sanitising, cleaning and movement purposes.

  • We will revert to our 9 day academic timetable.

  • School will end at 13:30 each day.

  • Teaching staff and boys alike will vacate the school buildings immediately after school to ensure that the cleaning staff are able to carry out their duties without any interruption.

  • Kindly ensure you make the relevant transport arrangements so boys are not hanging around the school unnecessarily.

  • Boys are to ensure that they wear a clean mask to school each day.

  • It is also advisable for your son to carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer in his blazer pocket every day.

  • The Tuckshop will NOT be opening for the foreseeable future.

  • Please ensure that your son brings a packed lunch and something to drink to school every day. The boys may NOT drink water directly from the taps.

  • Due to Covid-19, we will not be able to accept any parcels of any kind at the school for your sons, including lunch parcels.

  • Full school uniform is to be worn to school each day. (Neither a jersey, nor a tracksuit top may be worn in place of a blazer).

  • New boys will be issued with a name badge (free of charge) once the order is received from our supplier.

  • Existing Queenians must ensure that if they have lost or misplaced their name badge, that they bring R30 to school to purchase a name badge from Mrs Webber in the Bursar’s office.

  • Everyone’s blazer is to have 2 buttons in the front (with only the top button done up).

  • All visitors to the school to enter through the front door of the administration building in Berry Street.

  • Unfortunately, as per Departmental regulation (Covid-19), you will need to make prior arrangements to consult with staff, the Headmaster etc.


Marking of clothing and other personal items:

Kindly ensure that all of your son’s belongings are marked, from his pens and pencils and other stationery items, to every item of his uniform and sports gear. The official QC school and sports bags also need to be marked on the yellow strip, which is specifically meant for this purpose.


Although all laundry is now done in-house, all parents need to ensure that their son’s clothing is suitably marked with either a sewn on label, or written in with a laundry marker.

Medical Boxes for Boarders:

It is against the law for the school to administer any form of medication, other than prescribed Chronic Medication. If your child is suffering from a minor illness that can be cleared up using “over-the-counter” medication then it is essential that he has his own supply of such medication.

We shall be pleased if the boarders’ parents ensure that their son has a Medical Box when he enters the hostel at the beginning of Term 1, 2021, eg Panado, anti-nausea and diarrhoea tablets, etc.


Athlone House has been revamped and will be re-opening in 2021 as our Grade 10 Hostel. Whitson House remains the Grade 8 and 9 Hostel; with Connaught House being the senior hostel for Grades 11 and 12.

Code of Conduct for Boarders:

Boarder parents, along with their sons, are to read and sign the updated Hostel Code of Conduct and return it upon entry to the hostels in January.

Grade 12 Prize Giving and Valedictory:

Fortunately, Level 1 Lockdown allowed for us to hold an indoor function with no more than 250 people in attendance (observing social distancing). We jumped at the opportunity and on the first day of term we held a joint Prize Giving and Valedictory Service.

Mr Boy was our Guest of Honour at the Prize Giving (and he will once again do the honours at the Grade 8 – 11 Prize Giving in February next year). Old Queenian, Father Thulani Gubula did the devotion and led everyone in prayer. Fellow Old Queenian, Mr Mathabe Mlilo (2000) was our Guest Speaker at the Valedictory Service; and brought a wonderful and inspiring message across to our Class of 2020.