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Grade 12 Preliminary Examinations

23 August 2012 English (Home Language) P3
24 August 2012 History P1
27 August 2012 Maths / Maths Literacy P1
28 August 2012 CAT (Practical) P1
IT (Theory) P2
29 August 2012 Afrikaans (First Additional Language) P3
isiXhosa (First Additional Language) P3
Sesotho (First Additional Language) P3
30 August 2012 History P2
31 August 2012 Maths / Maths Literacy P2
03 September 2012 Physical Science (Physics) P1
04 September 2012 IT (Practical) P1
CAT (Theory) P2
05 September 2012 Afrikaans (First Additional Language) P2
07 September 2012 Life Orientation
English (Home Language) P2
10 September 2012 Physical Science (Chemistry) P2
11 September 2012 isiXhosa (First Additional Language) P2
Sesotho (First Additional Language) P2
12 September 2012 Accounting
Engineering Graphic and Design P1
13 September 2012 Geography (Theory) P1
Geography (Map Work) P2
14 September 2012 Mathematics P3
Engineering Graphic and Design P2
18 September 2012 Life Sciences P1
19 September 2012 Business Studies
20 September 2012 Life Sciences P2
isiXhosa (First Additional Language) P1
Sesotho (First Additional Language) P1
21 September 2012 English (Home Language) P1
25 September 2012 Afrikaans (First Additional Language) P1
27 September 2012 Visual Arts

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SSO Qhawe Bula leading the Trooping the Colour parade on the Recreation Grounds on Friday, 17 April 2015. QC band which welcomed in the walkers and riders at
the Rec on Thursday after the 1965 Ride and Walk.

Pic by Nathanael Thomas Pic by Lizo Manyana of some of those present at the Commemoration Parade this past Sunday Tony Frost entering after the ride.

Pic by Jonathan Redgard. Pic taken by Nathanael Thomas of the Warcry before the 1st XV clash vs Dale on Saturday with the class of 2005 in the centre. Grade 10 Queenians Pic by Kiran Jomon Pic by Kiran Jomon Pic by Kiran Jomon